What the freelancer saw
A gentle end to the week
26 June 2015
Sometimes, rounding off a hectic week with a trip to a heaving pub is the last thing I want to do. When I want to decompress and put thoughts of the latest experiential or pharma project aside, I
Winning ways in award season
24 June 2015
It's Cannes time, that celebration of creativity. And while it's the creative team that gets the trophy, the career bump and the chance to get wasted on the most marked-up booze on the planet, it's
And the winners are...
23 June 2015 09:45
Funny how the same campaigns succeed at awards, isn't it? They're like some marketing behemoth, moving between Cannes and the Dorchester and cleaning up at all stops in between.
It's tempting to
A view of the business from someone pressed up against the window looking in.